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Thank you God.  I was so upset I haven't seen any postings.
When I noticed that my box was empty I was so sad.  I'm so thankful to Nanc &
Carla for helping me get back.  THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!!
(((NANC))) (((CARLA))) (((HUGGGGGGG)))))
Is everyone feeling up to snuff, l hope?  
We are doing ok.  We have had some difficulties but we are here.
Oh BABY YES there it goes the little voice in my machine "you've got mail".  I
love that voice.  
I felt so cut off from the world.  In actuality I was off my machine for about
1 1/2 weeks and was super busy but when I signed on the other day there were
only a handful of  messages.  I assumed my AOL died. But then I saw no
messages from the molers.  Gosh am I glad to be back.  
Things have been crazy here. Here is just a sampling.
Our car broke down again for the 100th time. More money to keep the mechanic
living in ritzville.  My son has been going to Nursery School and loves it but
he gets homework and we are working on that and reading and playing.  I'm
trying to lose weight and start having more babies.  My husband is working
like a dog.  We had the funeral of little Tara to go to.  SO SAD SO SAD.
We are looking for a house.  I'm looking for a full-time job.  My mom is still
getting 5FU.  She is feeling good.  She will start her chinese herbs again
this week.  Her Oncologist can't get over how great mom looks and feels.  She
needs to have the port put in cause her veins and arms can't take the pokes
anymore.  I hope this is a good thing.   Halloween is coming and I'm thinking
of hosting a halloween party for 3 year olds.  There's alot more but you don't
need to know the other stuff now.
So EVERYONE FILL ME IN.  What is happening or happened?  FILL UP MY E-MAIL
How I missed the jokes.  I have some for you but I need to find them.

Nanc & Carla a poem for you both:

Little Puppy

Little puppy, sitting there
In the field midst daisies fair,
Wary-eyed you look at me;
Are you lost ... or could it be
someone put you in this place
All alone this world to face?
Soon the sun will fade from sight
And the day will turn to night.
You've no drink or food to eat;
Come, I'll take you home with me.
Little things need loving care ...
Perhaps that's why God put me here.

Written by: Loise Pinkerton Fritz

Hope God is Blessing You All as you are reading this e-mail
Love, Hugs, Kisses
P.S.  Thank you God for sparing my mom's home in Florida from Hurricane
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