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Hi Donna,
I think everyone was having problems with the MOL mail, I am going to send
this MOL and a copy to your e-mail address, let me know if you get it?  I lost
my who Internet access, it all started on Sunday.  People that were not signed
on to MOL were getting all the MOL mail, and the members were not getting any.
It has been wierd.  I worked all day yesterday to get back up and running, and
trying to get everyones address's, and the site address's.  Anyway what you
have to do is go the the Mol cancer link and sign back up for MOL e-mail,
that's what everyone has been doing.  The address for Mol signup;
Hope to see you back and going normal, good Luck.

In a message dated 9/30/98 7:12:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time,

<< I have not received any mol posts for several days now.  Am I the only one
 having this problem.  Please let me know.  Donna >>
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