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Hi Carla,
That needle looke like about 3" long and it felt like it went clear to my
toes, it really hurt, tell you what I don't want that done again.  He promised
that the surgery wouln't hurt like that. What did you do get back up early
this morning, couldn't you sleep?  Or are you getting ready to sleep all the
way to Lil's in the velvet van, LOL.  I drove 13 hours out to OK in July.  We
don't take any chances, if we need to stop for a Motel we will.  Thank you so
much for the very nice birthday card.
Love Ya, Nanc
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<< I am glad that you went to the doctor and that you will still get to make
the trip that is so important to you.. and to others.. Like Don, your
daughter, your friend Carla, Les, Lil....etc...
 I don't know anything about rebuilding a tear duct, but I about fainted when
you said they tried to get into it with a long needle...!!  ugh!!
 I am hanging out in the chat room while I respond to some messages and just
wanted to let you know that I haven't sent my picture to you...  Don't be
angry.. I will try to remember to find one tomorrow and get it off to you.!!
I am just one big space cadet these days... Alot going on...
 Well my dear... Hope that your fatigue has eased up and you are feeling
better overall.. You need to be rested before you make a trip like the one you
have planned!!  Hugs to you and God Bless you.. Carla
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