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Re: [MOL] Lillian


Hey guys, from what little I have read so far (am sure that there will be many
more posts re this "topic" as I scroll down), I think that the tough love
approach is what is is being used with Lilian. I could be mistaken, but you
guys don't know me well enough to know just how many mistakes I make!

The point that I wish to make here is that we all open up in our own way, and
time.  Lillian talked about giving bits and pieces - and even though she may
be ssttrretcchhing things a little; she is not totally closed mouthed about
herself.  Granted she does seem to talk to and about others mostly, and that
is a great source of comfort for all of us! (When she is not getting herself
in hot water!  =' }  )  

We must realize that she was opening up to Diana, and be it a slip or whatever
she did not think of all of us reading that mail.  She is taking care of
herself, perhaps she is not doing it the way she should - OR THE WAY WE THINK
SHE SHOULD.  I realize that we must respond so that we show that we care, but
I just hate to see Lillian feel put down just because she may not be
communicating the way we think that she should.

I hope I am not stepping on anyones toes here, this forum is such a wonderful
place and all here have such love for life and obviously a love for one
another. So, please love me enough not to take offense at what I have said
here!  Also, as I stated above I have not read all my mail yet, so I may be
putting the cart before the horse.  However from what I have read so far and
from what Lil herself wrote I felt moved to speak out.

Love to all, 
Lee Anne
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