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Hey!  JP,
Does this look like something you wrote?
You got here.
Talk to you later,

In a message dated 9/30/98 12:49:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

 What is up people?  I haven't been getting mail for 2 days.  I was not around
 for a while.  busy as a bee. but when I logged on the other day I saw ZIPPO
 messags from you guys.  I was so worried.  I felt like something weird was
 going to happen.  FELT SHUT OUT OR SOMETHING.
 Anyhow if someone get's this I need the mol sight again.  
 Nanc just send me a instant talk message and she is stuck too only her
 computer went bonkers and she needed to restart her computer and America On
 So I quess it's adios and chow until we meet again. By the way I hope God has
 been kind to all of you. >>
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