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[MOL] What's Up With No Mail

Haven't been on too much but have been monitoring mail and thinking alot
about all of you and including all of us in prayers.  There is so much
strength and love in this forum that it is a true blessing that I have
found all of you.

I logged on Sunday and no mail, same Monday.  I signed on again as a new
user and voila there is mail!  Don't know what I did, but looks from the
mail like a few of us were bumped off.  

I've checked in the chat room several times but haven't found anyone.  I
was curious how the chat room prayer meeting went on Saturday.  I tried to
leave a message since I couldn't be home but don't know if you all got
together or not.   Haven't read anything about it - but then I was off line
for awhile.

I will purposely drop off for two weeks while we go to  Albuquerque to have
a special memorial and dinner for Bob (some of his best friends are calling
it a "roast").  He would *love* that!   Anyway, I'll check back in when I
return.  Has anyone heard from Cindy Crowe - I've been thinking of her and
Jim too - and hope she is doing OK.  

Lillian, hope you're feeling better now - you must take care of yourself. 
You are one of the "MOLer" treasures.  Love you all.  Paula

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