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[MOL] To All My MOL Friends!

My letter to you does not come easy.  For me to think that just perhaps
no one read my e-mail to Diana about my health would be just a bit
stupid..  Some molers have already responded to this e-mail and I
believe what has hit me the hardest in these responses is two things.
1.  It is of general opinion that I don't share. 2. That I haven't given
molers the opportunity to comfort me.  I will attempt to address these
two issues.

For any of our dear molers to think they have not comforted me is simply
a mis-conception and not reality.  Often, I am comforted, perhaps
unknowingly to yourselves and for this I ask to be excused.  Each and
every moler is indeed very special to me.  When I read a good report, a
joke, a simple thank you, they are all comforters to me.  You are the
fabric of my life and I draw deeply upon you.
Sharing:  I must confess, I do have a very serious deep thinking side to
me.  Surprised huh?  However; my  nature is sunny. Some say silly, I
prefer entertaining. When giving unpleasant  news I will do it jokingly
or in parts, a little bit here, a little bit there. So if you think
about my e-mails, you will see that I have been telling you about my
health; just not all in one sitting.
My health problems are not directly related to cancer, rather indirectly
related due to an averse reaction to a drug I was taking.  Two year's
ago I went into a coma, total body failure.  The result of this negates
me to take many pills just to function physically, emotionally and
mentally at 50% of what I was before the failure.  All of my glandular
system are either gone or severely damaged and that mean's that every
part of me is effected by this.  Right before the molers celebration my
breathing really took a turn for the worse.  I will start on oxygen this
Thursday.  That is why I could not make the trip.  Then I caught a cold
and I can't take cold meds. because of my heart.  Then the other day the
blood pressure dropped to almost what it was before I went into the body
failure and that scarred the heck out of me. I have found out that all I
have to do in this event is to take an extra steroid pill.  That
simple!  My blood pressure has not returned to normal; however it is far
better than the other day and I feel much better also.  This does not
mean that my guard is not still up, but it does mean I will take very
good care of me.
I believe the greatest that the molers have given me is a purpose in
life and dear one's that says it all.  Lovingly, lillian

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