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Re: [MOL] RE: I went to the Eye Doc. this AM Nanc!!!!!!!

OK, Sylvia,
Don't laugh at the way I discribe it to you, OK?  When you crack an egg open,
you have the yoke, the clear egg white and white tissue that looks like it
holds stuff together, what's on my eye looks like the tissue part, and it's on
the white part of my eye and was once in a while going over onto the colored
part of my eye.  I got in to see the eye Doctor and found out my tear duct is
obstructed and he tryed to clear it twice with a long needle, but he couldn't
get through, he thinks it might have been caused from the stroke I had a few
years ago, at that time I lost my left side vision, it never has worked right
since.  I have to go to the big city of Grand Rapids to have a new tear duct
made and also have the bubbles removed too, I will have that done the 27th. of
Oct. After we get back from Ohio.  The Doctor gave me eyedrops that should
help so I'll be able to drive, I do all the driving.  We are planing on
leaving Monday the 4th.  I will remove me from MOL while we are gone.
God Bless you Sylvia

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<< Nancy,
 What in the h do you mean you have "bubbles" on your eye...elaborate
 love, sylvia >>
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