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[MOL] reaction to tamoxafin

I had a lumpectomy in July.  My lymph nodes were negative, but the tumor was
positive for cancer with estrogen receptors.

My doctor started me on tamoxafin the end of July .

Approximately mid August I began developing a itchy raised, bumpy rash on my
chest and affected breast.

It has seemed to come and go.  Hydrocortisone cream helps a little but have
been using Cortaid to relieve the itching.

Now it is spreading up to my neck and over to the other breast and near the
It is at it's worst when I'm having a Hot Flash.  It really pops out and the
itching is intense.
I have experimented with taking foods from my diet.  ie fresh tomatoes
The rash still prevails.

My radiologist is sending me to a dermatologist.

Can this be a reaction to the tamoxafin??

I am also on calcium, vitamine E and B complex.

Thanks for your council.

Susan Spano

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