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Re: [MOL] Oh My Buddy, My Buddy

Dear Lillian

You need to start taking Co Enzyme Q 10 - 100 mg a day.  Would you
please see a good Homopathic Dr.  M.D., ???  
I was going to check out why blood pressure drops, why some of us have
low BP, haven't gotten around to it lately.  You spend hours helping
all of us on mol.  We should be helping you.  That's why we are here,
I have missed you bunches.  You always make me laugh.  My friend
you are always in my thoughts and prayers.  My knees aren't sore,
but my brain is. ROTFLOL
Would love to be able to see the photo album, but I guess we need
a new computer.
There are other natural products that should help with your problems,
just can't think right now.
Thanks for the jokes, you always brighten up our days.  Wish I could
stay home and chat with you online.  
Take care and please let me know how you are doing, Lin will pass on
to me.
Love and hugs and prayers.  
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