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RE: [MOL] Seminar - Mary F.

Hi Mary:  I had the doctor tell me the same thing.  The chemo would extend my life by possibly 6 months.  I went thru 1 set consisting of seven times.  I almost ended up dead after my 7th IV, last treatment.  I then decided I would rather die without being sick all the time and at the mercy of a toxic drug.  My original diagnosis was 9/97 at which time they said surgery was really the only option.  Surgery didn't work out because of lymph node involement.  Then Sloan said chemo was the only option, which I just told you about.  My chemo was completed in 1/97 and I am still here and working, going to excercise and living my life.  I'm sure you know that I just completed the Stereotacic Body Radiosurgery, get back to the topic.  Chemo is a poision.

Have a nice day.        Your friend June A.