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[MOL] joke :-)

Hope your day's a good one! Love, Joicy

The Pope, Billy Graham, and Oral Roberts were in a
> three-way plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean. Tragically,
> they all died and went to the pearly gates together.
> "Oh, this is terrible," exclaims St. Peter, "I know you
> guys think we summoned you here, but this is just one of
> those coincidences that happen.  St. Peter was fretting,
> "Since we weren't expecting you, your quarters just aren't
> ready. We can't take you in just yet and we can't send you
> back."
> Then he got an idea. He picked up the phone, "Lucifer, this
> is Pete. Hey, I got these three guys up here. They're ours,
> but we weren't expecting them, and we gotta fix the place
> up for 'em. I was hoping you could put them up for a while.
> It'll only be a couple of days. I'll owe you one."
> Reluctantly, the Devil agreed.
> BUT.....  Two days later...
> "Pete, this is Lucifer.  Hey you gotta come get these three
> clowns. This Pope fellow is forgiving everybody, the Graham
> guy is saving everybody, and that Oral Roberts has raised
> enough money to buy air conditioning."
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