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[MOL] pass along to les

James computer crashed and he had to do the dreaded format C: command. You
can't do this simply (to our relief), it does give you a lot of choices
before the deed is done. Anyway, it has affected the other computer as they
share some devices. Tried to print a letter to Les, no go. So can you
Lillian or someone pass along a letter to Les. I thought he might like some
gossip from where he used to live, the Pacific Northwest.
25 Septembe 1998

Hi, Les, read about your latest setback and also that you are doing better
now.  Must be all those prayers headed your way. We miss you on line but
you don't have to answer this. I thought you might like to hear news about
the PNW.

We took another of your favorite trips and thought of you while we were
there.  Cathryn (daughter) and I hopped over to Port Townsend Heritage
House tour, held once a year. They have a lot of restored homes there and
they hardly ever repeat the open houses. We stayed at the hostel at Fort
Worden, the old military base and you make your own pancakes and tea there
in the morning. Basic accommodations and we used sleeping bags though they
supply linen. Beds were very good,  I thought and had a VERY good sleep.
Cathy said there were a lot of people thumping up and down the corridor and
her bed squeaked and she hardly slept. Reminds me of the princess and the
pea story, this kid never sleeps well but at home. It does seem there are
some compensations for being hard of hearing. We went to a farmers market
and a Quilt show and popped in a lot of antique shops. Only things we
bought were food and two CD's of native American music as our loonie was
trading very low. We were just amazed at the amount of work put into some
show quilts. I was just flabbergasted at one quilt, white on white, the
squares non repeat of a fancy pattern in each square, all hand pieced and
quilted. I asked one of the ladies how it would take to do and she said
probably take 2 to 3 years. It was made for a daughter by her mom. Very
touching. Cathy and I couldn't get accomodation at Port Townsend as
everything was filled up so we stayed at a B & B at a nearby town. Nice
room with private bath and hot tub outside (no bathing suits did we bring,
darn!). They served a full breakfast, peach soup with a pansy, cranberry or
orange juice, very nicely seasoned hormone free eggs, back bacon, some kind
of sauced potatoes, blueberry muffins and raspberry puff cookies.  Our host
knows who Martha Stewart is when we asked. She has spent years cooking
institutional food. I think they went the B & B route as they are both very
gregarious and SHE wanted an excuse for the kitchen of their dreams. Went
off my diet (non-diary and non sugar) right there. Coffee very good (first
in 8 mos). By the time we caught the ferry, the sky had cleared so had a
beautiful ride back, no rocky middle part, smooth as glass.

Some typical Pacific Northwest news.
A cougar walked in an office near the Victoria harbour and a quick thinking
clerk managed to shut it up in one room.  Wildlife officers had managed to
tranquilize it and release into an area where it might have a chance to
survive. We had been following news about this cougar for about 2 weeks and
it was all over the waterfront area. We had another incident 2 years ago
when one took refuge in the Empress underground garage.

A wasp stung one of the big carriage horses (the ones with the furry legs)
here. The animal took off galloping, the young driver yelling, the four
elderly tourists screaming and hanging on tight. Meanwhile, the poop
catcher was full and really bouncing. Eventually, it bounced just a tad too
much and took off and landed in the ladies laps! The good ending is that
the said horse's driver suceeded in regaining control. The four tourists?
They were so excited and thrilled, they left the driver a BIG tip.

Meanwhile keep up the right attitude, it does help as do prayers, a lot of
which are headed your way.

All the best, Jeanne Kissinger

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