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[MOL] MARTY, LILLIAN, CARLA ,JOHN and all my friends on mol

Hi everyone

How was the March?  How are you Marty and Barb??? Let me hear from
you tonight or tomorrow.  I'm leaving for St Louis again tomorrow.
Hi my dear sweet little ole friend Lillian.  How are you? Have you been
keeping everyone in line and ROTF?  How are you feeling? Miss you
Carla, friend, miss you and you are in  my thoughts and would like to
know how you are doing, so let me hear from you.
If someone could send me a brief update on what's been going on, how
everyone is doing, I would really appreciate it.
DEAR JOHN, are you still posting those horrible jokes?  Really miss
our chats.  How are you?  You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
My life has been rather interesting. I mean that in a serious way.
Our daughter was married Sept 26th in NEW ORLEANS.  Married at
6:30 pm, reception until 10 pm.  Good ole Georges couldn't wait another
day, all flights were cancelled for Sunday, They were suppose to fly
to Jamaica on Sun., and closing down the highway outta there.  We
took the beautiful bride and nice groom to Houston, leaving about 1 am
on 27th, took us 4 hours to drive 65 miles, then got a lot better, made
it to Houston just in time for their flight.  Got to Dallas about 1 am
28th, we also dropped my sister and bil off at their home in Houston.
Everyone was from NY, ST Louis,, Chicago, LA or anywhere but
New Orleans, We made arrangements for as many as we could,
had relatives take several to Memphis to catch flights, couldn't get
a lot of them out, so they are now in a shelter ( I hope) (they closed
our hotel) a curfew is in effect until ??? I'm sure all our former friends
will always remember this event.  HA
This was really a summer to stay away from Dallas.  Lin has been
miserable, course I'm sure most of it is because I'm not here.
I don't know how we got back on mol, Lin asked me if I re subscribed.
I think it was fate that when he checked the emails, we had received
several from mol.
Take care and God Bless each and everyone of you.
PS  HAS anyone heard from Sally?  If so give her my love.
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