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Re: [MOL] RE: Hi Carla, Lil, Marty, Joicy, Mary Ann, Syliva?

I just re-subscribed, and wrote and asked why we are having problems, so if I
get an answer I'll pass it on to all the Mol's, I'm still not getting any MOL
mail today, and I always have.  I've been up for about an hour and already
tired, so I guess I'll give in and go to bed.  This eye is just driving me
nuts, Lil I feel like putting a patch over it then maybe things wouldn't be so
fuzzy.  I don't know what is wrong with it, I'm going to call the Dr. later.
I have little bubbles on the white part of the eye, but they have been there
for a while, the Doctor said they could remove them if they bothered me to
much, so maybe that is what it is, boy this getting old is not for us humans,
is it?  LOL I am giving in and taking it easy, I'm pretty good about doing
what my body tells me to do, of course, with having to take Don every day I
couldn't so I've been knowing I have been going to pay in the end, thank God
there was an end.  Don doesn't feel well today, but then he does to much.  He
was down stairs stacking wood yesterday, and just up and down the stairs he
needs oxygen and he wouldn't wear it.  So this morning he said he didn't feel
good, so I reminded him about the oxygen, next thing I knew he had his oxygen
on.  He doesn't want to wear it when we go to Ohio, so he thinks he can get
used to not wearing it.  He has to have a bunch of breathing test on Friday so
that will tell the story.  Oh!  Guess what I found out in the Doctors office
the other day?  All the medical equipment, with computer chips will go down in
the year 2000, the Doctor was telling me about it, and he's really bummed out
because some of it is not very old, and there's nothing anyone will do about
it.  And I thought it would only be the Government and big corporate offices.
And that's the rest of the story.  LOL I'll talk to you later.  I've got to
get this eye fixed before I have to drive all those miles, Don won't drive on
a trip.  Love you all.
Love and prayers to you and yours,
Boy!  I wonder if my video camera will shut down in the year 2000, Oh well,
I'll just take it back to Sears and tell them I'm not satisfied with it that
it didn't last as long as I thought it should, they'll have to give me a new
one, I just bought it this year.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

In a message dated 9/28/98 9:33:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

<< Nancy,
 There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the MOL line...I was at school
 today and there were absolutely NO messages after 8:30 a.m.  I even got
 on-line and sent a message asking if anyone was there...(I got a really
 NICE response from a lurker named Ross :>)...anyway, when I got home and
 checked my e-mail (where I am NOT subscribed to MOL) there were 84
 messages...go figure...I sure as heck can't figure it out.  
 In an earlier message I asked about your eye...did you get that e-mail?
 love, sylvia
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