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Re: [MOL] My Report on THE MARCH

Dear John,
Thanks you for taking us with you on the March through your beautiful
descriptions. I was teary many times as I read it, and can hardly wait
to see the photos. We can't allow ourslves to be discouraged by the
numbers or lack of them -- we do what we can, when we can, and have to
trust that that's enough. And it sounds like your trip was near perfect.
I'm so glad! Welcome home! Love, Joicy

John wrote:
> My Dear Family,
> I have a bit of time in my day to report to all of you my presence and
> participation at our MARCH.  It was a day filled with joy and miracles
> for me.  I had you all in my thoughts and heart as I made the journey of
> five hours by bus to the Washington Mall.  I managed to shoot a roll of
> film that I will have developed at a processor that can also give me the
> prints on computer disk so that I can send them to Ross to post on our
> photo site.
> The bus departed from Westchester, New York at 5:30 am.  It was a
> disappointing start as only six people showed...and that included me!  It
> was to be an indication of the over all turn-out.  As a result, we were
> able to chat and get to really know each other and the small intimate
> group provided both space and time for meditation and prayer ... as they
> say, if life throws you a lemon, make lemonaide!  I used the time to
> recall all that has happened to me over the past year and a half, dwell
> in the friendships that I have made on Mol-cancer and reflect on all I
> have learned and the growth of my person in taking this journey.
> The bus dropped us off a block away from the Mall.  Washington is an
> impressive and imposing city and it became even more so as I walked that
> block to a meeting of so many cancer survivors and those concerned with
> our journey.  The entire length of the Mall's boarders were dotted with
> white tents with a sea of people flowing in the middle.  There was an
> electricity that I could not ignore and it coursed through me as I
> entered that river of survivors.  The very first thing that stopped me
> was a display of the quilts in memory of the children we have lost to
> cancer.  I stood in prayer as I looked down upon each panel that depicted
> a favorite toy, a picture, a good bye poem, a tearful wish for peace.  As
> I took a couple of pictures I had to pause to wipe the is so
> very hard to say good bye to a child.  I finally said my own personal
> good byes to several children (including my own brother Richard) and
> turned my attention to the joyous celebration that was growing like an
> unfurling carpet that covered the Mall with a flow of people entering the
> celebration.
> There were representatives of every cancer, cancer group and association
> ... even the Meat Association was there.  The organization of THE MARCH
> was very thoughtful and included tents for getting out of the hot sun,
> free bottled iced water, first aide tents staffed by oncology nurses and
> doctors, privacy tents for those requiring the need to change or tend to
> personal matters, a play area for children including face painting.  I
> visited and spoke with Mike Milken's personal chef and purchased her cook
> book on vegitarian cooking and will share with all as I begin my own
> journey into that relm :+)
> I had contacted a person named Larry Baron about a month ago through this
> net when someone who is a teacher mentioned his Project Rosebud.  I
> became involved and introduced this into grades 1 through 4 in my own
> town.  Dr. Baron is a cancer survivor who had to stop teaching due to
> cancer of the leg...this survivor had recieved the National Golden Apple
> Teacher Award.  His contribution was to have children in 1,000 schools
> through out the US put together these tinny yellow (for hope) rose buds
> along with a note, thought, picture, drawing, or message for a cancer
> survivor.  It was a way of getting children involved, teaching them about
> cancer and empowering them with a way to contribute to THE MARCH against
> cancer.
> I never thought that, in that mass of people, he and I would ever meet.
> The second tent that I went to after viewing the quilt was covered with
> yellow roses and when I enquired about Dr. Larry Baron, a gentleman
> looked up at me a said "John?"!  It was one of those special moments that
> you know you are being guided by a higher power!  I spent several hours
> handing out those rose buds to those at the march and I have to say I
> met, spoke with and shared with so many people that I was truly touched
> by their stories of survivorship and their unbending gift of hope.
> The speeches by Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts, Tipper and Al Gore, Cindy
> Crawford, Scott Hamilton and General Schwarzkopf provided hope and
> demanded the commitment of the resourses necessary to eradicate this
> disease called cancer.  The point made was that like polio and small pox,
> cancer can and will be conquered.  The battle cries heard were "Yes we
> can!" and "No More Cancer!"
> All that I can say is that HOPE was the theme of the day and it was a
> celebration of life for all of those who attended!  My return home was
> filled with joy, determination to continue my participation in this
> journey, and a true sense of belonging to a group of very special people
> who make this a wonderful world to live in and pass through.
> God Bless you all for being there with and for me.
> John
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