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Re: [MOL] Hello Out There

Why don't you get a life and quit picking on people in this forum.  A lot of
the people in this forum are here because it is there life, while they are
dying from some form of cancer, or fighting to stay alive.  It just so happens
that my husband is dying of Lung cancer, and since I am also taking care of my
82 year old Mother that lives with us instead of a nursing home, there is not
any time for me to get away to go to a support group, so this is my support
group, and these are my friends, and you need to quit picking on them and go
find a life of you own.  I thought you wanted out of this forum, if this is
the kind of person you are, guess what?  We won't miss you.

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<< it's pretty sad that you sit by your computer, waiting for email!  Get a
 Sylvia Boehme wrote:
 >Is there anyone there?  I haven't received a single message all day?
 >love sylvia-Lizabeth's friend
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