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[MOL] March

        To all my new found friends on MOL
I have been reading some post from the colon cancer list that I also belong too.  Some of the Colon Cancer Listers were at the March and have mentioned that Colon Cancer which is the #2 killer from cancer, did not have any representation, not even a booth!
What can we do about this?  No one wants to talk about colon cancer but we have to do something.  I have to do something and next year I will be in Washington if there is going to be another March and I will tell everyone my story!!! I have already written a letter to Coping Magazine and to Oprah and to Katie Couric on the today show. Now what?  Any suggestions?  I am sorry that I missed out on the chat prayer meeting tonight.  Joicy, your prayer was lovely. I have been to the chat room several times and no one is ever there.  Aren't there any insomniacs on this line besides me? LOL Gail


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