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I have given you many sites for you to explore for your answers.  If we
may be of further help to you pls. know that we are here and you are
always welecomed.  Your friend, lillian

                    THE MERCK MANUAL

                     The Sixteenth Edition of The Merck Manual was
published in 1992,
                     and many parts of this version are now out of date
with current
                     medical practices.

                    SECTION 9. HEMATOLOGY AND

                    93. ANEMIAS

                         HYPOPLASTIC (APLASTIC) ANEMIAS
                              Etiology and Pathogenesis

                    True aplastic anemia is uncommon; about  of cases
are idiopathic; they
                    are most common in adolescents and young adults. In
the rest, the cause
                    can be a chemical (eg, benzene, inorganic arsenic),
radiation, or drugs (eg,
                    antineoplastics). Many drugs (eg, antibiotics,
anti-inflammatory drugs,
                    anticonvulsants) have been implicated in individual
cases. The mechanism
                    of such events is unknown, but a selective (perhaps
                    hypersensitivity appears to be the basis. A very
rare form of aplastic
                    anemia, Fanconi's anemia (a type of familial
aplastic anemia with bone
                    abnormalities, microcephaly, hypogenitalism, and
brown pigmentation
                    of skin) occurs in children with abnormal
chromosomes. Finally, it should
                    be noted that marrow hypoplasia may be found in the
elderly. Although
                    long suggested that aging results in hypoplasia,
that finding has not been
                    confirmed. In the elderly, stress (acute infections
or inflammatory events)
                    may result in peripheral cytopenias because of their
limited marrow
                    reserve. With clearing of the interval event,
peripheral values return to
                    normal in spite of the reduced marrow mass.

                    Pure RBC aplasia, on the other hand, implies a
mechanism selectively
                    destructive to the erythroid precursors; other
hematopoietic elements are
                    unaffected. Clinical correlations exist with some
cases of RBC aplasia but
                    the pathophysiologic mechanisms are unknown. Thus,
                    erythroblastopenia is well known to be a brief
reversible disappearance of
                    RBC precursors in the marrow during a variety of
acute viral illnesses,
                    especially in children. Infection with human
parvovirus appears to be the
                    most common cause of this event. Indeed, this may be
                    fortuitously, since the sequela of aplasia (ie,
anemia) requires a duration
                    longer than usually exists with the acute episode.
Chronic RBC aplasia
                    has been associated with thymomas, immunologic
injury, and less often
                    with drugs (tranquilizers, anticonvulsants, etc),
toxins (organic phosphates),
                    riboflavin deficiency, and chronic lymphocytic
leukemia. A rare congenital
                    form, Blackfan-Diamond syndrome, is described.
Although it was
                    originally believed to be manifested during infancy,
cases are known in
                    which these changes develop in adulthood --the
presence of related bony
                    abnormalities of the thumbs or digits and short
stature help to identify them.
                    Erythroid aplasia may occur transiently during
various infections and
                    hemolytic disorders (aregenerative crisis, acute
erythroblastopenia), and in
                    association with tumors of the thymus.

Test on Aplastic Anemia. Questions 1-6. Choose the single best answer..
Patients presenting with aplastic anemia may exhibit all of the
except: A. pallor B. bruising C. retinal ...
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Specific Disease Category Listing (282)
CenterWatch Listing of Clinical Research Trials for Aplastic Anemia
CenterWatch, clinical,
research, trials, diseases, drugs, therapies, medical, health, patients,
drug testing, FDA, pha
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THE MERCK MANUAL The Sixteenth Edition of The Merck Manual was published
in 1992,
and many parts of this version are now out of date with current ...
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Aplastic anemia is not a simple disease, even when diagnosed
Dr. Paul Donohue We recently lost a dear friend from aplastic anemia.
She was in apparent
good health, taking no medication, and at 67 able to walk her two miles
daily. She ...
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Improvement in Anemia by Recombinant Human Erythropoietin in Patients
Myelodysplastic ...
Improvement in Anemia by Recombinant Human Erythropoietin in Patients
Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Aplastic Anemia......
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Aplastic Anemia Foundation to hold International Conference
Conference Schedule. Friday, August 8, 1997. 2:00 PM Registration
3:00-4:00 PM Patient,
Spouse, Parent or Bereavement Workshops Facilitated by professional
therapists. This is ...
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Harmening Chap 8: Aplastic Anemia Fall 1997 Definition = failure of
production of erythrocytes, platelets, & leukocytes Causes = Radiation,
chemicals, drugs,
infections & autoimmune syndromes I. Pathogenesis A. Peripheral
pancytopenia 1. Direct
damage to stem cells is indicated from radiation or exogenous ...
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Suspension of Felbatol Use Urged
The Food and Drug Administration today recommended the immediate
withdrawal of patients
from the antiepilepsy drug Felbatol because it has been linked to 10
cases of aplastic anemia.
In a "Dear Doctor" ...
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Withdrawal from Felbamate Therapy Recommendeds
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[ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ ASK DR STOLL ] [ FAQ ] [ DR STOLL'S
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The Aplastic Anemia Foundation of America - New England Region
(AAFA-NER) Home Page . AAFA - NER P.O. Box 1645 Brookline, MA
02146 1-800-257-2232 AAFA-NER is the New England chapter of the
Aplastic Anemia Foundation of ...
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September 1996 - SMJ: Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplantation
Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplantation . Imad A. Tabbara, MD,
Washington, DC .
ABSTRACT: Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (BMT) after high-dose,
chemoradiotherapy ...
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JAMA 1992 Apr 15: Aplastic anemia and viral hepatitis. Non-A, Non-B, ...

Is there a storm in your future? Get your 5-day forecast. enter zip here
Aplastic anemia and
viral hepatitis. Non-A, Non-B, Non-C? JAMA 1992 Apr 15;267 ...
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Haematological Malignancies: Leukaemia, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, etc.

This page provides extensive links to information about leukaemia,
lymphomas, and other
haematological malignancies. Resources of interest to patients and
physicians are listed by
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Nov 96 Bipolar and Aplastic
Ask the Expert - Bipolar Disorder and Aplastic Anemia. Q. I am
manic-depressive. In June,
my doctor put me on Depakote to stabilize the mood swings. Over a long
period of time
without any side effects, my ...
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7/31/98 -- 9:37 PM. Boy hopes for transplant to `lead a normal life ...
7/31/98 -- 9:37 PM. Boy hopes for transplant to `lead a normal life
of The Tampa Tribune CLEARWATER - A 12-year-old boy stricken with
aplastic ...
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BCMD Issue 14
Issue 14 (July 31, 1996) Volume 22 of Blood Cells, Molecules, & Diseases
(ISSN 1079-9796)
Sham, R.L., Phatak, P.D., Belanger, K.A., Packman, C.H. - The Effect of
Dexamethasone on
Functional Properties of HL60 Cells ...
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Chapter 4
Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplants. DISEASES FREQUENTLY TREATED WITH
ALLOGENEIC BMTS. Aplastic Anemia Hodgkin's Disease Leukemia
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Multiple Myeloma Osteopetrosis Severe Combined
Deficiency ...
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Iron-Poor Blood Can Drag You Down
An article about women and anemia.
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