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Re: [MOL] have a great weekend


That was beautiful!!!
Love, Mary
> To all my mol friends...
> Georges is coming, ready or not
> So if you live nearby
> Don't ride it out, don't take a chance
> Remember only "angels"fly...
> And while we know there are some here
> (Angels, of course, I mean)
> Each of you on MOL
> Is a part of something unseen
> The love that radiates from this line
> Is so evident to all
> That when we lose a single one
> The hearts of each will fall.
> The beauty of this line you see
> Is so hard to explain
> A chance to say just what you mean
> Without the fear of pain!
> So please, I ask of each of you,
> Please do take good care
> Know that each of you are loved
> With or without your hair.
> And while we can't extend our hand
> And touch each person dear
> A "cyber hug" we can extend
> To each one far and near.
> And now goodbye I say to you
> And wish you all God's speed
> Know that I love you, everyone
> And so I plant this seed
> God is near you right this minute
> You can feel His love and care
> He has given us this place...
> Safe, secure and so rare!
> I hope each of you has a love filled weekend.
> Love, sylvia-Lizabeth's friend
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