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Re: [MOL] Hey Bill in St. Pete/Did it come through?

In a message dated 9/25/98 9:20:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

 Well, did the hurricane come through your area?  I have been thinking about
 you all.  We haven't and don't live in Florida.  My mother-in-law and
 brother in law do live on Lake Tarpon, so we come down to visit...  Will let

      Dear Carla: The wedding re-scheduled for the 10th of this month. Good
ol' George is going to bypass us some 100 or so miles out into the Gulf, but
they are unpredictable, like a woman, and you never know what they will do for
sure. One thing that we can count on is some wind and rain, not that we
haven't had enough rain already.
      My second opinion is done and chemo starts on the thirtieth. AND THEN MY
HAIR FALLS OUT. Sure we can't find anyone out there that needs some real
curls? Seems such a shame for it to fall out little? by little and end up in
the waste. Oh, well!
      Hope you are doing well.

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