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[MOL] Intro / What questions to ask?

      Dear?: It would be nice to find a name to address you by. A common
      My name is Bill and I am a fellow journey taker, diagnosed with
NSCLC[lung] on July 1 of this year. Since then I have done a tremendous amount
of research and I am rapidly learning what this journey is all about.
      You are at the beginning of that journey. There are some very important
steps that should be considered at this time. The first of those is to find an
oncologist with a positive attitude. He/she should be gung-ho for a cure and
should transmit this attitude to the patient.	
      The second thing to be done is probably to complete the diagnoses with
the oncologist, including staging of the disease, while setting up a second,
multi-diciplinary opinion. The most important of these opinions will be that
of the pathologist. It is essential that a cancer patient [and his doctor, for
that matter] have a consensus of more than one opinion, since we usually only
get one chace at a cure and we must be certain that we are operating on
correct information. 
      One other thing that you should do is to call 1-800-433-0464, the number
for the Annette and Richard Bloch Foundation; they will be pleased to send
you, free-of- charge, their three books, one of which is invaluable [Fighting
Cancer] This book is the story of THEIR fight against cancer including being
misdiagnosed twice and being told to get his affairs in order. From this start
they managed to have a successful journey and started the foundation to pass
on to others the benefits of their experience. You will also find many
resources in that book and you can then pass it on to the patient so that she
can have the benefit of his experience, since it is the patient who must
ultimately make the decisions.
      One of the few things left to start you [pleural] off on your journey
properly is to remain with this group and benefit from the experiences and
wisdom of the many fine people here. We will supply you with a sympathetic ear
and lead you to more information than you would imagine.
      I wish you all a good journey, and please do not hesitate to ask even
what might seem to be silly questions.

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