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[MOL] Nanc - prayer for a cure

Dear Nanc, hope you are feeling better, dear friend. Sorry I can not be
with you and my dear Mol friends tonite in the chat room, but I will be
there in spirit. Here is the prayer you asked for, with my love. Joicy

Dear gracious God, you who knows our every joy and sorrow, you have
promised that wherever two or more are gathered in your name, there you
are also. Today you see us gathered in Washington, DC in body, across
the world in spirit, and even here online, joined by a common purpose
and a common prayer. There is no one whose life has not been touched by
cancer, and every day the numbers grow. Today we remember the friends
and family we have lost, the loved ones and cargivers who are struggling
alonside cancerers, and those of us who are ourselves fighting for our
lives. We ask you, dear God, for a cure. We pray that you would ease our
suffering, increase our strength and hope, and out of the mix of
government and medicine, bring an end to this fearful disease. And as we
wait for answers, we pray that you would give us the courage and faith
to live fully and joyfully each precious day we are given, that our
lives might always be a blessing to others. Amen

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