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Re: [MOL] Lee Anne

Lee Anne, I was truly sorry to hear of all the difficulties your mother and her wonderful family are enduring. It is difficult when one must spread themselves so thin, to take care of husband, family, then with the extra of your dear mother.  All of us know that only one person knows when it will be time for your mother; but you must weigh all your decisions very carefully.  We will all be praying very hard that her treatment is going to take care of her just fine.  Most of all you need to truly know that we are all here for you while you walk the journey.  Love you, lillian wrote:

Hello all, I just got home from mom's (NOcomputer) and my email had built up
and built up so I  got nothing from today.... guys if yu can think of any of
todays posts that I might need to read, please forward to me - if I am
thinking all screwy forgive me, not much sleep last night.

Mom is now taking chemo, and will start radiation on Mon. ( I THINK, she can't
make up her mind... which is very unclear- cancer there now too).  How life
can change in a short amount of time, she has been slightly forgetfull
recently, not much more than ususal.... but past few days.... it has been
scarey.  I know how we used to react when my grandma (from senility) would get
sooo confused, but with mom it is very different.

Really need to go. My husband and I need to spend some time together. We or he
or I have been with mom so much recently, we need some "us" time.  Yesterday
was my birthday, ..... it could have been major sad (hearing news of cancer in
brain and in ribs as well as already knowing in lungs and liver) but, if this
would be my last birthday with Mom, it must be remembered in as positive a
light as it can be, There were good parts, especially with my son, anyway
hubby calls - you all take care,

Lee (Anne)
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