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Re: [MOL] sigmoidoscopy? - Jean

>   Now I'm thinking I
> might then be too sore one day after the sigmoidoscopy to join the March
> for Cancer in D.C.  John?
> -Jean

Dear should and will be fine...the discomfort only lasts as 
long as the exam itself.  I really don't know why on earth the nurse said 
what she did.  Actually, you sould be fine when you leave the doctors 
office.  The "march" in DC is going to be more like a stroll down the 
avenue and should really not create much of a strain.  The neat thing is 
all the entertainment and concerts that will be taking about 
your Celebration of Life!!!  I'm looking forward to it (less so the 5hour 
bus ride each way ;+( !)

Hope you enjoy it as much as I know that I will.  God Bless.
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