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[MOL] Disease and the mind

Hi all,
I think I learned something last night. I was reading from Bernie Seigel's
Love Medicine & Miracles. I read the chapter on "Disease and the Mind" and
in it he discusses the importance of emotional stress on one's tendency to
get cancer. He cited statistics on the percentage of people with cancer who
had suffered some kind of loss in their lives within the two years prior to
the diagnosis, death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job. He talks of
how the person's mode of dealing with the loss affects the body's
vulnerability to illness, particularly cancer.

One point he made is that people who hold it inside and don't vent and deal
openly with their loss seem to be more vulnerable to illness. (So much for
stocism). It made me wonder if the loss of a relationship which had been
very important to me, about a year ago, had affected my body's ability to
fend off the growth of cancer cells. I know the mind is very powerful and
attitude affects wellness. What I wonder about is a comment he made about
those who insist, "I'm fine" are frequently refusing to deal with their
situation and that makes them more vulnerable to it. I will have to reread
this chapter and give it more thought.

If you have any input on his book and the thoughts he expresses in it, I
would appreciate hearing them.

Liz P.

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