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[MOL] "thoughts for today"

Hello Everyone,

Here are my "thoughts for today."

	There is only one thing more painful than learning from
	experience, and that is NOT learning from experience.

	The best advice you'll get is from someone who made the 
	same mistake himself.

Experience is a school for all ages.  You're automatically enrolled at
birth, and you never graduate until you die.  Some of us seem to keep
failing in the same "subject," however.  Life has a way of keeping you
there until you learn it, no matter how long it takes.  That's why, if
you are having trouble in a particular "subject," it's a good idea to
get together with a "tutor" (one who has already had that experience and
was able to move on).  Why is it so many of us have a difficult time
learning from other people's mistakes?  We seem to want to be
"self-taught."  Sometimes that works, but other times it just takes you
so much longer, if at all, to learn it.  We are all teachers (whether we
realize it or not), and we are all students.  It's just tough to be both
at the same time for the same thing.  Well, here's hoping today you are
passing something with flying colors!

God Bless,
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