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Re: [MOL] Study/Great!

ZOWIEEEEEEE, does this mean that Doctors are listening to their patients, I think so!  Great, lillian

Becker, Joicy wrote:

...but then we knew that! What I found most interesting is the positive
response of drs. whose patients shared online info, and the fact this info
CHANGED THE COURSE OF TREATMENT for 7% of the patients! So it shows how
important it is for us to be active in our own cure. Love, Joicy


Breast Cancer Survivors Say Web is Valuable Resource for Health
    Information; SHN Survey Kicks off Activities to Educate Public
    about Breast Cancer
    [09/22/98; Business Wire]

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BW HealthWire)--Sept. 22, 1998--A survey released
today by SHN (Sapient Health Network)(tm), a free, online health
information and support site for people with chronic and serious
illnesses, shows more than 90 percent of the participants believe
that online information has improved their ability to cope with
their disease.

More than 250 members of the SHN Breast Cancer Community participated
in the survey.

A majority of those surveyed -- 66 percent -- share the information
they find online with their physicians. Of those doctors whose
patients shared online information, 77 percent responded positively
to the information and 7 percent changed their patient's course
of treatment based on the shared information.

The full article can be found at:
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