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[MOL] Stats are just numbers

I'm resending this because I forgot to enter a subject, and not very helpful
for those who save some of these things for later reference...   :-)
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> From: 	Becker, Joicy
> Sent: 	Wednesday, September 23, 1998 8:32 AM
> To: 	'MOLers'
> Below is an abstract of a lengthy but excellent article, with interviews
> with real folks facing these difficult decisions. It is honest but
> hopeful, emphasizing that statistics are about past groups of patients,
> not about YOU. People share their stories and the strategies used in
> making their decisions. Hope it's helpful. Love, Joicy
> ------------
> In The Balance: When patients must choose among treatments for
>     deadly diseases, they have to make decisions that go far beyond
>     the odds
>     [09/22/98; Seattle Times]
> SEATTLE -- Doctors call it "delivering the bad news." 
> Their intent: Help a severely ill patient make a tough choice
> among treatment options. 
> For the patient, that conversation can unleash paralyzing anxiety
> over a flood of confusing odds, probabilities and prognoses.
> And, despite the validity of research, even doctors admit there
> is much numbers can't tell, much science doesn't know. 
> Armed with that illusion of knowledge, the patient faces a multiple
> choice test that can mean life -- or death. 
> The full article can be found at:
> http://www.austin360.com/health/stories/09sept/22/medodds.htm
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