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Below is an abstract of a lengthy but excellent article, with interviews
with real folks facing these difficult decisions. It is honest but hopeful,
emphasizing that statistics are about past groups of patients, not about
YOU. People share their stories and the strategies used in making their
decisions. Hope it's helpful. Love, Joicy


In The Balance: When patients must choose among treatments for
    deadly diseases, they have to make decisions that go far beyond
    the odds
    [09/22/98; Seattle Times]

SEATTLE -- Doctors call it "delivering the bad news." 

Their intent: Help a severely ill patient make a tough choice
among treatment options. 

For the patient, that conversation can unleash paralyzing anxiety
over a flood of confusing odds, probabilities and prognoses.

And, despite the validity of research, even doctors admit there
is much numbers can't tell, much science doesn't know. 

Armed with that illusion of knowledge, the patient faces a multiple
choice test that can mean life -- or death. 

The full article can be found at:
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