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      Dear Lillian: I have uncovered some more goodies for us. The mother site
I used is St. Anthonys' site from here in St. Petersburg, where I had my
second opinion done. This particular site is very good for alternative
medicine, with supportive references by reputable doctors and universities.
      In addition, they had a list of medical search engines, details of which
follow. I am sure that you have at least some of these, but in this endeavor,
we never know where we will turn up a piece of information or site for such,
that could literally save someone's' life.	
      I have not yet visited any of these:
      1) Health on the Net:  http://www.hon.ch/
	2) Medical World:  http://pride-sun.poly.edu/
      3) Medworld:  http;//www.med.stanford.edu/medworld/medbot/
	4) Medis:  http://www.docnet.org.uk/medisn/searchs.html
	5) Sleuth:  isleuth.com/heal.html
      6) St. Anthony's Hospital:  http://www.geocities.com/~doctorbobm.html   
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