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Re: [MOL] Bill & Signs, DO IT NOW, make your signs.

In a message dated 9/17/98 6:43:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

 Alright, already then,
 I'll get mine made and hang it on my business sign out front, I'll put bag
 lights below it the night of the candlelight vigil.  What night is it for
 sure?  What all should we put on them. >>

      Dear Nanc: My thoughts for content; on the first side, we must pay
homage to our country and ourselves or the persons we represent on this
journey. On the other side we would call attention to the fact that the
problem[Cancer] is worldwide and we would mention some particular country
i.e." I am marching for all my fellow travelers in Australia" and/or perhaps
mentioning some particular person in that country.
      As I said, the signs, even the ones displayed at home or business,
should be designed to get and use the attention of the media. At the march
they could be held up, particularly when photogs or cameras are around. 

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