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Re: [MOL] Bill & Signs, DO IT NOW, make your signs.

Alright, already then,
I'll get mine made and hang it on my business sign out front, I'll put bag
lights below it the night of the candlelight vigil.  What night is it for
sure?  What all should we put on them.  I can't understand why I haven't done
that yet.  I just got home, Don had his bone scan, I got to be in the room and
watched the machine.  We'll get the results tomorrow.  I was just about to
send this when 3 of my grandchildren got dropped off.  They are gone now, it
is 6:40pm and I am going to bed, I can't keep on going on, sorry.  I did check
out the new chat room that Emmit set up for us, but no one was there, just me,
and I wasn't any fun talking to myself tonight.  LOL.
Maybe I'll come back on later.
Love You,

In a message dated 9/17/98 2:24:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time,

<<  Whats wrong, Nanc, with this year. There are still ten days or so, Step
 lively now! I think even a few signs would help to get things started!
 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ >>
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