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[MOL] Jailed for making available proven homeopahtic cancer cure

Dear Doctors and Board of of Medicine on Line:

My name is Charles Pixley, an article appears at
meds.com/mol/archive/mol-cancer/msg00074.html page.

Not sure how mention of me ended up on your site, but I am truly
grateful for your published support. Recently released from Federal
Prison and now rebuilding our life.

Please review the following true story about a pernicious assault on Our
Rights and the
personal battle to secure them for all Americans.

There is much more to reveal and much research and publishing to be
accomplished on a variety of subjects not the least of which is Common
Law and the return of our Sovereignty.

Currently seeking  a salaried position with a responsible company who
has an interest in advancement of Truth and revelation of knowledge,
perhaps you or your network of associates may be able to help in this
regard.  I would be most grateful for any assistance.


Charles Pixley

YOGA for the 21st CENTURY

Awakened at 4 a.m., coffee, shower, morning prayer and off to the camp
kitchen. Breakfast is  prepared for approximately 300 men. After
cleaning the institutional kitchen, we start over again preparing lunch.

After work, a session on the track, the weight room, the bocci court or
Hatha Yoga class with "YOGA JOURNAL'S" Healing Arts tape series with
Patricia Walden or Rodney Yee as master guides.  Rest and dinner, then 4

to 6 hours of work on a translation transcription of THE HOLY QURAN from

the ancient Arabic into modern English text.  Then rest and sleep until
the cycle begins again the next morning.

No meat, no bread, no desserts except fruits, no alcohol, no sex and no
leaving the confines of the small mountain camp.  Does this sound like
life in an ashram?  No, it's a federal prison camp in Schuylkill,
Pennsylvania, North of Harrisburg.  The diet is survival by choice;  the

rest is making the days count instead of counting the days.

My crime was making available the knowledge of and access to 714X, a
homeopathic camphor compound which is well regarded and a highly
successful therapy against cancer.  The mandatory portion of my sentence

was completed on June 22 and I began 30 days in what is called a
"half-way house;"  after which begins a probation period.

As entrepreneurs, we built a modest enterprise and sponsored the formal
introduction of 714X to the American people.  We endured modest
hardships and helped thousands of people and saved hundreds of lives.
All who responded to our efforts were terminal cancer patients, who had
been given up as hopeless, after receiving the standard orthodox
therapies of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Many of those people
are still alive today and many extended their lives for months or
years.  After all, at the terminal stage of cancer, there are no
guarantees, only potential and hope.

Taking on the federal government proved to be a very costly, yet
rewarding challenge.  A wise man once told me:  "Impossible is a word
found only in a fool's dictionary."  Pressure was brought to bear
against me, my family, the corporation and our business associates by
the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA").  This eventually led to
intense investigations, federal indictment, prosecution, trial,
conviction and sentence of 19 years in jail, which was reduced to a year

and a day by a compassionate judge, appeal and total financial ruin.

French microbiologist, Gaston Naessens, who resides in Quebec, Canada,
first introduced 714X some 20 years ago.  It has since been used by over

100,000 terminal cancer patients, as well as early stage cancer
patients, in numerous countries with varying, yet impressive, degrees of

success, without one instance of any side effect.  Furthermore, it may
be used as a preventive and is inexpensive.

714X was made legal by prescription for Canadian citizens by the
Canadian Department of Health and Welfare in 1989 after a three-year
emotional court battle, which was won by Gaston Naessens.

The story of this remarkable genius, his microscope, his phenomenal
advancements in understanding the blood, his ability to pre-diagnose
cancer and degenerative disease up to two years prior to its
manifestation, his discovery unlocking the secrets of cancer cell
activity and its elimination and the attempts of the Canadian medical
authorities to destroy him was first told by best-selling author
Christopher Bird, in his book:  THE GALILEO OF THE MICROSCOPE.  Later,

In order to comply with federal requirements and after considerable
research and preparation, we compiled, published and marketed a book
titled DO NO HARM to introduce, inform, educate and obtain "Informed
Consent," from any prospective users of 714X.

We began in 1990 by selling Bird's book and offering regular radio
interview presentations.  Later, after much research, we became aware
that the FDA was preventing various cancer remedies from the U.S. market

since the 1920's.  This horrifying revelation spurred us to create the
first citizen organized Institutional Review Board ("IRB") under the
laws of Congress and to do whatever was required to make the public

>From the inception of our IRB in April of 1992, the FDA paid regular
visits to our office and requested and received copies of all available
research, toxicology studies, spectrographic chemical evaluations, rat
studies, patient histories, books, tapes and samples of the 714X.
Later, they testified under oath in court that:  "We have no knowledge
nor understanding."

Even though we cooperated with all requests, our office was raided by
the FDA.  Computers, books, tapes and business records were seized, as
well as patient files, without the consent of our patients.

After several attempts by the U.S. Attorney, a Grand Jury indicted me
and my corporation as co-conspirators, with a felony charge under Title
18 U.S.C. 321, "Conspiring to Defraud the United States by importation
of an unapproved new drug."  We later discovered through the Freedom of
Information Act ("FOIA") that the agency regulation had never undergone
the requirements of the Federal Register Act and therefore was not

Homeopathy is an honored and recognized healing art.  It was originated
in 1757 by Samuel Christian Hahnemann, MD, a German allopath who had
grown weary of the failures of the "regular school" to eliminate
disease.  In America alone, from its founding and through the First
World War, 65% of the American public enjoyed its gentle therapies, even

though the art was practiced by only 15% of the physicians.

The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act ("F.D.&C. Act") states that any
substance included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States

("HPUS"), the United States Pharmacopoeia ("USP") or  the NATIONAL
FORMULARY ("NF") prior to 1906 is approved as safe and effective
requiring no further approval.

Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D., of Washington, DC, and editor of the 8th
edition of the HPUS, testified before the united States District Court
that all components of 714X as compounded by Gaston Naessens are indeed
in the HPUS prior to 1906 and therefore NOT a new drug as the FDA
charged.  Dr.  Coulter is an internationally renowned medical historian
and author of over 30 books and essays, which include:  THE DIVIDED
LEGACY, a four volume epochal history of medicine, which covers its
origins to present day.

Synchronously to the day of my trial, both the Second and Ninth Circuit
Courts of Appeal, in landmark decisions, ruled that:  "doctor assisted
suicide" is within our Constitutional Right.

Appealing the April 19th conviction, we argued that if we have the Right

to end our lives or have others help us end our lives we must have the
concomitant Right to preserve our lives through any means available from

anywhere in the world without anyone's approval or interference.
Several previous rulings by the Second Circuit and other Appellate
Courts, as well as Supreme Court decisions, support this notion.

After the Supreme Court ruled on doctor assisted suicide, which it
deferred to the states, the Second Circuit issued its ruling denying my
appeal stating, "We are reluctant to identify any new fundamental
Rights."  This decision reversed their own 1989 decision in a similar
case against then octogenarian Doctor Revici, who prevailed in his

The case against me and the destruction of my business for making
available a promising "cure" for cancer is only one of dozens by the
FDA, or "Big Medicine," since the early 1900's.  One of the first
targeted in this country was Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.  His powerful
evolutionary microscope, capable of shattering cancer cells and viruses
with radio frequency vibrations, was destroyed and his books burned by
federal authorities and he was imprisoned.

Andrew Ivy, MD, a pillar of the A.M.A.,  who came back from Germany
after participating as a panelist in the Nurenburg war crime trials with

a cure for cancer called Krebiozen, had his career shattered.  Other
embattled pioneers include, but are not limited to:  Jossef Issels, MD;
Wilhelm Reich, MD; Max Gerson, MD; Joseph Gold, MD; Samuel Revici, MD;
Warren Levin, MD; Vincent Speckhart, MD; Stanislaw Burzynski, MD; James
Privitera, MD; and the healing arts of Chiropractic and Acupuncture,
which all met intense resistance and violent opposition by federally
protected orthodoxy.

Our own IRB Chief Investigator, Dietmar Schildwaechter, MD, Ph.D., was
invaded in his home office in a militant style by state and federal
authorities in the late 1980's for introducing a cure for Squamous cell
cancer, which was proven in a 20-year study in Germany.

These gifted pioneers brought relief to a suffering humanity and were
ruthlessly attacked by medical authorities and scientific dogma.  Each
paid a high price but distinguished themselves by their courage and
resolve to stand up for their convictions, even in the face of
overwhelming opposition, loss of license and jail.  For a closer look at

the inner workings, read:  THE CANCER INDUSTRY:  The Classic Exposť on
the Cancer Establishment, by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.

It has come to light that the FDA and the Pharmaceutical Advertising
Counsel ("PAC"), which represents some 35 major drug companies, have
formed and co-funded a corporation under a joint letterhead, calling
itself the National Council Against Health Fraud ("NCAHF").  Under this
questionable aegis, William Jarvis, MD, and Stephen Barrett, MD, and
others, are paid to publicly discredit as unscientific or unknown any or

all viable herbs, vitamins, homeopathic remedies or non-allopathic
therapies, particularly those that are proven to have the most promise
and present the greatest threat to the PAC members.

The FDA regularly approves dangerous, often lethal pharmaceuticals.
Most of the time, the side effects of these drugs can only be fully
discovered by wide-spread use.  This is despite the average
$250-500,000,000 and 15 years to bring these drugs to market, including
phase trial tests, trying to prove the elusive "efficacy" requirement of

the F.D.&C. Act.

Typically, after one of these highly publicized "wonder" drugs fails,
causes death or serious side effects, no FDA official nor PAC member
company president, research assistant, corporate official, company
doctor nor testing lab will be subjected to raid, investigation,
indictment or jail term.

Chemotherapy and radiation, though known to be a total failure in the
so-called war against cancer, remain as the only therapies which enjoy
federal mandate.  These therapies are repeatedly reintroduced as new, or

new approaches, promising that sometime in the unknowable future, maybe
we will have a cure for cancer.  Yet the so-called alternative healing
arts are consistently accused of offering false hope.

The current and long-standing 3% long-term survival rate of cancer
patients using orthodox therapies remains abysmal and the statistical
reportage is obfuscated.  Refer to :  New England Journal of Medicine,
"Progress Against Cancer," May 8, 1986 by John C. Bailar, III and Elaine

M. Smith, and a ten-year follow-up "The War on Cancer" which appeared in

Lancet, May 18th, 1996, by Michael B. Spoorn.

In HEALTH UNITED STATES, an annual publication by the federal
government, our national death rate from cancer is approximately
2,500,000 people per year and the rate is rising.  In addition to the
trauma and suffering to the patients and their families and the
productive work force, it comes with a hefty price tag.  Assuming a cost

of $80,000 to $160,000 per person over the last 20 years, that figure
represents $200,000,000 to $370,000,000 per year and 50,000,000 lives,
or $4 TRILLION to $7.5 TRILLION dollars funneled from our collective
economy into the hands of the medical/pharmaceutical cartel.  Is it any
wonder, then, why we cannot find a cure?

It is increasingly apparent that we have surrendered many of our
fundamental Rights and have become subservient to a "legislative
democracy" which usurps the legitimate sovereignty of the people and
arrogates it to itself.  The power structure designed by our founders as

a Republican form of government, where the power descends from GOD to WE

the People, from the people to the county, from the county to the state
and from the state to Congress, not the other way around.  By our tacit
complacence, it has surreptitiously created the coast to coast "federal
zone" where WE have become its federal citizens.  Refer to:  LOST
RIGHTS, by James Bovard for a shocking look at the rights we have

Both Gaston Naessens and Dietmar Schildwaechter, MD, Ph.D. have spent
the last 25 years perfecting independent blood tests, which are able to
pre-diagnose any type of cancer and immune disorders up to two years
prior to their onset, with a 1% margin of error.  The industrial average

false/negative ratio remains extremely high by comparison, yet these new

tests are ignored or met with resistance.

With early detection and preventive therapy, like 714X and so many
others that have been suppressed, cancer can be controlled or even
eliminated.  Finding a cure for your cancer may only be limited by your
will.  Taking control of your life, becoming informed of all the options

world-wide, remaining calm in the face of the threat imposed by disease
and placing your trust in God may also be part of the answer.  Be
patient with yourself, you didn't develop cancer overnight and you won't

eliminate it overnight either.

Called to jump headlong into the long-standing trade war between the
dissimilar camps within the healing arts had its rewards and its price.
Serving a sentence in federal prison hasn't been one of the best
experiences of my life, but it could have been much harder.  In my view,

the ones who are being punished are the American people who are denied
access to life-saving therapies.  The real heroes are my wife and
children, who lovingly supported me and fought valiantly to maintain the

home and keep things going.  We have all had our character strengthened
and have grown stronger and closer together.

Never having been arrested before, I am now a felon seeking employment.
The court has decreed that whatever I do, it cannot be promotion of 714X

or any other drug which hasn't been approved by the FDA.

 Respectfully submitted on June 21, 1998, Father's Day, by:
Charles Pixley
4810 Saint Paul Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14617
(716) 544 2288


As seen on "EXTRA," Maureen O'boyles' "INSIGHT," DATELINE, reported in
The Boston Globe, re: Billy Best story, HEARD on TALK USA, AMERICAN
FREEDOM NETWORK, and many more...

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