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Re: [MOL] Colon cancer problems - Sandi & Cathy

Mark & Sandi Newell wrote:
> But his morale is down and I am doing my best to cheer him up and keep
> things running smoothly. I am frustrated at this horrible disease and angry
> that he is sufferring so. But we continue to try and be positive about the
> future. It's hard to write when I feel so down at times so I just kind of
> lurk on the list.
> Take care,
> Sandi

Dear Sandi and Cathy,

This is why belonging to this family is so very important.  Where else 
can you turn for understanding and companionship.  No, we can't take away 
all the pain and anger but it is nice to know that it is ok to be angry 
and there is a safe place to come and scream and cry.  No one here is 
going to tell you you shouldn't feel the way you do or that everything is 
going to be all right.  We have been there or are going through that and 
know exactly how you feel...and yes, it does help to know that you are 
not alone.  There are people...a family of people who care, love and pray 
for the two of you.  We know the pain and strength of caring for we who 
have cancer and we want you to know how very important you are to us and 
to the joy that another day brings with you in it to help us.  God Bless 
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