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[MOL] Deeply Concerned!!!

 My wife and I recently found out that her nephew was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia.  We are concerned because with the family there is a toddler in daycare.  My question is with his battling immune system and the onset of flu and cold season, does anyone know if he can have a flu shot...or would it be a good idea? 

He is 16 years old and seems to be doing well so far with Chemo.....he has already been told that they will attack his Leukemia agressively for 2 years.  One of the problems is finances and all family members at this point are trying to contribute being that his mom and dad were already struggling financially.  Another problem is his Chemo will be administered 100 miles away...meaning that work will be tough.

Main thing I am concerned about....is his exposure to viruses and infections.....but at the same time I understand that you can't imprison either.  

Anyone have any ideas...experiences they could share would like to pass them to my wife and sister and law. 


Michael Nunnally   

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