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Re: [MOL] Don's update--Nanc!

My Don has his menu planned and that is pork & beef roast, carrots, fresh
green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn on the cob, and fresh blueberry pie.
I'm here to please.  Dinner is almost done and we have company coming from
Holland (50) miles away, where Don has his radiation.  Larry my cousin,
caregiver to his wife Betty with Parkinson's.  He does all the cooking so I'm
giving him a break.  Larry's sister Margie in Chicago, ILL has cancer all
through her body, he was just there to see her last week end.  I hope my brake
will be next week end in New York, it'll be a quick trip, but I'll still be
away from all this work.  I haven't enough to do!!!!!  I bought an Althiea
Tree today, only gets to be 5-6' tall, it has little flowers that look like
roses and blooms all summer, all I have to do is figure out where I want to
plant it.
Companys here.
Love you Sis,

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<< Sounds like " You need a break today; but pls. not McDonalds".....sis
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