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Re: [MOL] : Judy, thanks for info.

Dear Christine,
Went to Chemo Dr.. yesterday.  My blood count was good. I lost 8 lbs. and he
fussed at me for loosing weight.  I told him i was eating very well and David
my husband wanted to know if i was preg. (had a 1/2 hist. 14 yrs ago)
LOL...... don't eat as much as i used to but eating healthier than i ever
did.. don't know why i lost weight.. don't have to have labs on the 15th since
i get chemo on the 16th.. blood is in good shape, now anyway.. washed my hair
this afternoon.. it is falling and falling and falling.. oh well, will get
good use of my wig i spent a fourtune on..HA HA .  Felling ok. thanks for
All My Love,
Judy S.
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