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Re: [MOL] Don's update--Nanc!

Hi everyone,
Don had to have his sugar checked again today, nurse said it was very good, so
we don't have to worry about that.  Radiation Doctor wanted a bone scan to
check for mets because Don has been having back pain.  Cancer Dr, we had to go
see today agreed, so he gets his bone scan next Thurs.  We left at 8:30 am and
just got home and it's almost 2:00pm. he had to see the three doctors plus his
radiation today, I just can't understand how he seems to hold up, I am just
ready to drop, and I have to fix supper for company tonight.  Also had to take
my granddaughter to the Doctor with Don this morning for kindergarten
physical.  I have to take her to my daughter, Shelly, with all the horses, she
babysits for this her mother Bonnie, my youngest daughter, she drives school
bus.  I drove for almost 10years, had a stroke and couldn't drive anymore.
We'll see what happens with Don Next week.
Love and prayers to all of you,
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