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Re: [MOL] study on environmental connection

Now, here comes more, the 1/2 mile south of us 1 man on the east side of the
road and on the corner died of lung cancer 5 years ago, then the man that
lived next door to him died about 10 years ago with lung cancer, across and
the road the same year a man died of Lung cancer, that woman remarried and now
he has Lung cancer, My husbands Mother died 12 years ago with Lung cancer, now
my husband has the same lung cancer (SCLC), a man just north died about 3
years ago with lung cancer.  That's a total of 6 men and 1 woman in a with in
a half mile of each other, and all with the same kind of cancer, and all with
in 12 years.  None of them worked at the same place or the same kind of jobs.
Makes you wonder.  The Lady that lost her husband first thinks it's the water
we drink from our wells.  We've been drinking bottled water for a year now.
God Bless,

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<< Dear Nanc,
 I live in Kenner, Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans.  there are three of
 us right next  door.  5 yr boy diag. cancer, toumer of the brain.. he is 9
 and doing fine except for seasers (ms) .  Thr man next door other side had
 prostrate cancer, died 2 yrs ago.  I have breast cancer and 3 doors down
 breast cancer and across street man died of cancer.. enouth!!!!!!!!
 just thought i would vent a little frustration out.. sorrry,
 Judy S. >>
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