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Dear Paul,

My husband 42 years old has stage 4 nonsmall cell lung cancer.  He has
had 8 chemo treatments so far.  The first four were every three weeks
and it was Taxol and Carboplatin.  After 4 treatments a Ct Scan was
taken which showed progressive disease.  His oncologist then switched
him to Cisplatin and Navelbine.  The two he gets together every 3
weeks and every week in between he recieves Navelbine alone.  He is
doing pretty good on these drugs.  We will know more in 2 more weeks
when he gets another CT Scan.  Then they are talking about radiation.
Where has your cancer spread to?  Angelo's (my husband) has mets to
the chest cavity, ribs, lymph nodes, and a spot on the skull.

Please feel free to e-mail me with questions or suggestions as we
are on this cancering journey also.  Everyone here on this forum
is also either a caregiver of someome with cancer or have cancer
themselves.  They are a wonderful bunch of people who are here to help
in any way they can.'

Angelo was diagnosed in late May of this year.  When were you diagnosed?
Angelo drinks Essiac Tea, takes Shark Cartilage, Vitamin C, Activan,
Echinacea, and Wheat grass pills.  We don't really know if all of this
is helping or not but he is in no pain and is functioning very well.
We have also looked into sterotactic body radiosurgery.  This is a
non evasive type of pinpoint radiation which is supposed to be very
succesful.  We intend to pursue this when he is done with chemo.

I hoped I have helped you in some way.  Please know that we will pray
for you also as so many are doing for us.

God Bless,
> I have been diagnosed with stage 4 non-small lung cancer.  I have had
> radiation but I'm not in favor of chemo.  I have been doing a lot of
> research on alternative, aggressive treatments.  I have read about 100
> different things but I'd like to talk to someone who's in a similar
> situation, has tried an alternative procedure and is alive and healthy
> and can tell me about it.  Is there anyone out there who can recommend
> anything?  Thanks,
> Paul Harris
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