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Re: [MOL]'s it going?

Hi Suzanne,
So sorry to hear you are having problems, Maybe you need a MOL shirt to shake
up that breathing right.  LOL You hang in there girl, we are all thinking of
Love and prayers to you and yours,

In a message dated 9/10/98 11:37:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< You make me smile, Lillian.  Thank you for thinking of me.  Generally won't
 complain or report bad stuff unless somebody asks.  I guess I am still
 doing OK.  Was experiencing a lot of pain and breathing problems and
 extreme fatigue, so dr. cut down my Chemo dosage last Fri. and increases
 Procrit dose.  This Fri.  go for blood work and to see him and then chemo
 for 3 more weeks and then a complete set of CT scans to see exactly what is
 happening.  Since I saw him,  I have not hurt as much this week, but
 fatigue is overwhelming and have finally figured out that breathing pain
 happens only when I sit - when standing or walking it is almost
 non-existant for whatever that is worth.  Also my ears are aching
 constantly.  Wenmt through one course of antibiotics, but all that happened
 was I got a sore throat as well!  Could be sinus - have had difficulty with
 it before.
 There!  Aren't you glad you asked!  :)
 Love you,
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