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Re: [MOL] To Molers Going To N.Y.

Hey!  Lil,
You might want to see about liquid oxygen, they won't offer you that, you have
to ask if the doctor will let you have it.  We just switched yesterday, you
get little back packs instead of those big carts and heavy tanks to haul
around, not only that you fill the back packs yourself, and nothing runs off
electricity.  The other machine was so noisey through out so much heat and ran
our light bill up to $50.00 more a month that the insurance didn't pay for.
The company that we had to go with is 50 miles from here and they come out
every Tuesday to make sure we have enough of everything.  Just thought you
might like to know.
Love you Sis,

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 Date:	9/10/98 12:33:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time
 From: (lillian jennings)
 To: (
 Nanc, Mary Ann, Donna, June, Corrin, Marty, John, Joicy and everyone
 else going to the celerbration.  It is with sadness that I must write
 and tell you that I will not be going to the celebration. There are
 several reasons and all are viable; however  the main reason is that I
 needed to commit my time and body to the doctor, oh that sounds lewd!
 Actually like fun; but it is for health reason's.  No, don't get shook
 up, it's not for cancer, it's for the after effects of a drug I had been
 on.  No I wasn't a druggie either!  I know you are saying "what is she
 talking about"?  I had had an allergic reaction to a drug I was on that
 really almost killed me two year's ago.  The final outcome was that all
 my glands are non functioning; which pertains to every cell, organ,
 muscle; etc. in the body.  Every so often it all goes wacky on me and
 has chosen this time.  The other day I was told I will need to be on
 oxygen at night and use a quick fix oxygen inhaler during the day.  I
 have to be measured for the oxygen level and then I have to have thyroid
 testing done and then I get to do the heart stress testing.  Gosh!  I
 hope I have the oxygen by then!!!!  My oxygen level barely made it on
 the chart.  I knew I wasn't feeling so hot; but I am just to dumb to lay
 down and die.....I have been told there is hope for me, which gave me a
 chuckle; but this doctor had no sense of humor and I didn't have the
 heart to tell him I'm hopeless.  LOL!  I will be with you in spirit and
 dressed up in my very special moler t-shirt.  I would love some pictures
 of your very special day.  I know you will be having one of the most
 glorious experiences there is, meeting your fellow moler friends and my
 brown eyes have turned green; but this decision had to be made, and
 these test done; so forgive me if I thought of myself first. You are all
 very special to me and I am so happy you have this opportunity and
 taking advantage of it.  Have a very safe trip and enjoy it all for me.
 Your friend, Lillian
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