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My chemo treatments are carboplatin and taxol.  Once a week for 8 weeks.
Today was the 5th week. 
And a total of 30 radiation treatments.  I have done 24 so far.   

Yes, I did have difficulty breathing and quite a bit of chest pain a few weeks
ago. My upper right lobe had caved in due to the size of the tumor.  It was
cutting off air to the upper right lobe.  They suggested doing another
bronchoscopy to insert a "shint" in an effort to provide air to the upper
lobe.  I asked if the pain would go away and they said eventually.  Within 2
days the radiation and chemo kicked in and the tumor began to shrink. The pain
then subsided. 

Have they suggested removing your tumor surgically?  Is that possible? Have
you received information from the National Cancer Institute yet?
1-800-4-CANCER?  Normally they prefer to remove the tumor prior to radiation
and chemo.  In my case they have no choice.  Only a few thoracic surgeons will
perform surgery after radiation due to scar tissue build up.  There is only a
6 to 8 week window following radiation to perform surgery due to the scar
tissue.  I see the thoracic surgeon the day after my last radiation visit.  I
have told myself I WILL HAVE THIS SURGEY.  so far my body is cooperating.

Take care, donna   
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