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                              September 9, 1998

                           Today's news courtesy of NewsPage - the Web's
leading source of daily business news.

                           IVAX And Bigmar Sign Exclusive Distribution

                                IVAX Corporation announced today that it
has signed an
                                agreement with Bigmar, Inc., under which
IVAX will be the
                                exclusive distributor in the United
States for Bigmar's line of
                                injectable oncology drugs. [PR Newswire]

                           Picker International`s ACQPLAN Radiation
Therapy Planning System
                           (RTP) Receives FDA Clearance

                                Picker International's ACQPLAN , a 3-D
radiation therapy
                                planning system , has received 510
clearance from the U.S.
                                Food and Drug Administration. [Business

                           Study Finds Slight Increase in Risk of Death
from Other Cancers in
                           People With a History of Nonmelanoma Skin

                                A new study from researchers at the
American Cancer Society
                                and Emory University suggests that
people who have had skin
                                cancer have a slightly increased risk of
dying from other cancers.
                                [PR Newswire]

                           Specialized Health Products International,
Inc. Announces an
                           Agreement With M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
and the University of
                           Texas to Acquire a Patented Catheter
Infection Prevention

                                Specialized Health Products
International, Inc. today announced
                                its wholly-owned subsidiary,
Iontophoretics Corporation has
                                reached an Option to Purchase Agreement
with M.D. Anderson
                                Cancer Center and the University of
Texas to acquire a patented
                                catheter infection prevention
technology. [Business Wire]

                           Biomira`s Bridging Study Fully Enrolled to
Test Theratope(R) Cancer

                                Biomira, Inc. today announced that a
bridging study in support of
                                regulatory approvals for its improved
                                product candidate is fully enrolled and
advancing on schedule.
                                [PR Newswire]

                           Corixa Corporation Announces Issuance of
Patent for MUC-1 Peptide

                                Corixa Corporation today announced that
the U.S. Patent and
                                Trademark Office issued a patent to the
University of Pittsburgh
                                covering the uses of synthetic MUC-1 and
MUC-1-like mucin
                                tandem repeat peptides as cancer
vaccines. [PR Newswire]

                           Advances Reported with Immunomedics` Antibody
Products at
                           International Congress Sixteen Papers
Presented on Products at the
                           Joint Congress of the European <>

                                Immunomedics, Inc. announced today that
U.S. and European
                                investigators reported on progress with
the Company's
                                experimental cancer therapeutics and
diagnostic imaging agents
                                in over 16 papers presented at this
world congress held in Berlin
                                last week. [PR Newswire]

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