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[MOL] Bob Appleton - Small Cell Lung Cancer Patient

My husband died Monday after several days at the Flagstaff Medical Center. 
His cancer has metastisized to the liver and the whole lower spine.  His
complaints about back pain were not limited to sciatic (sp?) pain.  The
lower spine had been replaced by tumor and the liver was riddled. 
Fortunately, he was kept fairly comfortable and all the nurses that took
care of him were angels.   His doctor was truly devastated - in his career
he had never seen a small cell cancer more explosive and he had believed
that it was in remission since there was no sign of it left in his left
lung, only scar tissue.

I was a basket case driving to Flagstaff (3 hours) but you do what you feel
must be done and that is the hospital he wanted to be in.  Of course, at
that time he did know how badly the cancer had spread.  I think somewhere
we both knew and were deluding ourselves.  

Sunday night he became very aggitated and wanted to keep getting out of
bed, which he did alot.  Two nurses and myself spent the entire night
trying to keep him calmed and trying to get him to rest.  We were only
successful in 10 or 20 minute intervals.  On Monday afternoon, about a half
hour before he died his eyes widened and he stared at the ceiling and
followed something across the ceiling for about 10 minutes.  His face was
peaceful and he was in awe of something.  His breathing slowed to very
normal, not labored at all.   Our son, Jake, and Jake's wife Annie,  and
his sister was in the room with me.  We all felt the peace.  I am so
grateful that all of us were there with him. To me, it was a total 
affirmation that there is a loving God.   Bless you all.  

(I will be off line for awhile but will try to check in.  My mailbox has
been full and messages returned this week but I'll be back.)  Love you all
- this forum has been a true blessing for me.  Thank you.  Paula

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