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Re: [MOL] : Judy, thanks for info.

Dear Lillian,
Your welcome for the update.  On my end it came back and no one got the
message i sent.. every time i try to send something on my own, they tell me I
have the wrong code word.. oh, well, as long as it got throu.. Yes I am doing
alright.. today is day 14 after first kemo.. Well, my hair is still stuck to
my head. So far...... have to go give labs today and dr. tomarrow.. then on
the 15th 2nd kemo. Only 5 more to go.. feel alittle tired, still get kinda
nausated every once in a while, but not enough to throw up.. just feel like i
have the flue.  Have been staying home most of the time now.  wish i hadn't
quit my job, but was for the best. Kids and Husband are doing most of the
house work.. Can't believe it myself.. they only want me to rest, so rest i am
doing.. its kinda nice after 25 yrs of marriage..  The boys are even hanging
up the clean clothes with out haveing to be asked.  And the dishwasher is
being unloaded.. This is scarry!  I have spoiled them all this time.. They
didn't even pick up after them selves.. Now.. Gosh, I feel wonderful.. Didn't
know they would rally around for me like this.. God must be watching over
Thanks for letting me vent.. even though it wasn't bad.
Love Ya'll,
Judy Simonds
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