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I too have nsclc.  I was diagnosed on July 13.  Initial symptoms appeared on
June 20.  My tumor was 4.8 x4 cm. on my right upper lobe pressing against the
trachea and closing off the bronchial passage (off and on).  Due to its'
location the doctors could not remove it(several opinions including Johns
Hopkins).  I have had 23 radiation treatments and 4 chemo treatments to date.
I go today for my 5th chemo.  It is their hope that the tumor will shrink
enough to be removed.  As of 2 weeks ago, it was shrinking.  The dilemma here
is not only does it have to shrink, it has to shrink away from the trachea in
order to be removed.  They say the odds are 85% they will be able to remove
it.  I say baloney........it's 100% for me.  

I must say I have been quite fortunate.  I have not lost my hair.  I have not
vomited or felt really ill.  After my 3rd chemo treatment I had some flu like
symptoms but they subsided after a day or 2.  I have been very fatigued from
time to time however, I still try to get to work 2 days a week.  My biggest
problem is the radiation.  Due to the location of the tumor my esophogas(?) is
getting radiated causing it to be burned.  It is like someone poured hot
scalding soup down my throat.  It has been quite difficult for me to eat the
last week or so.

I currently take a variety of herb and vitamins.  Echinacea(premium liquid
form as a tea), esiak tabs, garlic tabs, Centrim, shark cartilidge, Vitamin E,
Spiralina and folic acid.  I have switched to soy milk and I drink tons of
green tea and water.   I believe drinking alot of water has helped me get
through the chemo.  I start by drinking a 1/2 gallon the afternoon before
chemo.  Another 1/2 gallon the day of chemo.  And another 1/2 gallon the day
after.  I continue to drink quite a bit in between treatments.  It is very
important to flush it through your system.   Friends are shocked at how good I
look.  If you did not know it, you would never guess what I am going through
right now.  Last week the head oncologist said he was "shocked and amazed" at
well I am doing.  Personally I think he was disappointed since he was so
convinced I was going to have awful side effects.  I am a fighter and an
agitator.  I am doing well just to spite him.  

Your friend,

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