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As far as the program is concerned, all you have to do is click "reply" and
your letter will be sent to MOL for all to read, no need to address to
You will know if you are doing it right if you get your own emails back
along with 10,000. more. LOL.
Prepare some questions that you want to ask the bone marrow team on
Tuesday. Keep asking questions until you get the answers you want. Is there
any chance of  your son being able to stay with your mom's onc seeing he
has such a positive attitude and you seem to have faith in him? It is
important to have a doctor you feel comfortable with. Perhaps you need to
shop around. Ask the doctor about your son's memory loss and agitation. It
could be side effects from the chemo which they may be able to help with.
It is important to maintain a positive attitude throughout this journey. It
certainly has its ups and downs but we must maintain hope or what are we
left with. Please stay with MOL and you will find much information, humour
and caring and supportive individuals.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.

At 11:08 AM 06/09/98 -0700, you wrote:
>This whole program is so confusing.  I keep wondering if I am doing it
>right.  Anyway, I wrote couple of days ago about my mother who died Aug 20
>of leukemia and my son who is going through his 2nd session with the same
>leukemia.  Lillian sent me lots of stuff to research and what a blessing.  I
>am so grateful.  I sent a thank you but am unsure if if went out.  On
>Tuesday my son meets with the bone marrow team and maybe then we'll know
>more.  It's such a frustrating journey.  The chemo he's taking now seems to
>be much worse than what he had the first time around.  He's aging terribly,
>memory failure is severe, and he's very agitated a lot which is so unusual
>for him.  He's always been the calm, loving one in the family.  His wife is
>very young and they have 2 children ages 2 and 5 months.  She is unable to
>cope so ignores everthing except the babies so all the medical problems fall
>on me and I am fairly good at dealing with it but I feel that the Dr.s don't
>always give me the big picture.They answer my questions but no more.  It
>hasn't helped that we started with one hmo and then were switched to a
>teaching hospital where we have all different Dr.s all the time.  So on Wed
>we are going to meet with my Mom's oncologist and try and get some
>objective, long term ideas and goals and options from him.  I wish he was my
>son's Dr because he's one of these people who inspire faith and hope by just
>being in the room.  I'm battling too with a hopeless feeling.  When he
>relapsed so soon I have felt nothing but doom and gloom.  It's unclear to me
>whether to be honest in front of my son about my feelings so we can face
>realities or to pretend that I think all will be well.  It doesn't help that
>my mom was only sick 1 month and died the very day of diagnosis.  In my
>heart I don't know whether to push him beyond where he wants to go with the
>treatments or to let him be in the drivers seat.  Because the medicines
>cause such mood swings I can't judge how bad things are or whether he's
>blowing things out of proportion.  Also, tell me about this cancer walk.
>Just having gotten a computer and found this place maybe next year or the
>year after we can find funds and time to participate.  Any responses are
>welcome.  If I sound like I'm confused and whining it's cuz I am.  Sherry
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>Date: Sunday, September 06, 1998 7:46 AM
>Subject: [MOL] Educational Series-Stress Management.
>>Good Morning My Friends,
>>This series on stress managment is long overdue. In my years of
>>researchand interviews of those survivors from cancer, one question I
>>asked them, "where you under any toxic stress  prior to your diagnosis"
>>and the vast majority would reply, "yes". And of the course the reasons
>>would vary, not greatly, but vary from marital concerns, business
>>overload, concerns about children, and other concerns, but these reasons
>>were situations in which these survivors saw no way out, no means to see
>>daylight. So they by incurring these situations day by day caused them
>>great consternation and fear and no matter what they tried to do or undo
>>the stress became increasing.
>>I  hope you like this series and that this series benefits. it will
>>include the reasons that cause stress, and the way we overcome toxic
>>stress. I will post in several parts and this is one you may just wish
>>to print out as there will be fundamental suggestions that you will use
>>on a daily routine for your wellness journey.
>>This article will be one in a series and some of it was abstracted from
>>Susan M Mark series Stress REduction for Fibroids and Endometrosis, but
>>in my findings from many books I read and the interviews that I have
>>researched this series may appply to all debilitating conditions.
>>God Bless
>>marty auslander
>>Stress Reduction for Relief
>>Many of the fibroid and endometriosis patients I see in my medical
>>practice complain of major stress along with their physical symptoms. My
>>personal impression as a physician who has worked with women patients
>>for close to 20 years is that stress is a significant component of many
>>recurrent and chronic health problems, including fibroids and
>>endometriosis. To discount the effects of lifestyle stress on illness is
>>a grave mistake. If the physician ignores stress as a contributing
>>factor, the patient never receives the tools or insight necessary to
>>modify her habits and behavior to better support good health and
>>Research studies have confirmed the negative effects of stress on many
>>different diseases. On the physiological level, stress increases the
>>cortisone output from the adrenal glands, impairs immune function,
>>elevates blood pressure and heart rate, and affects hormonal balance. In
>>women with fibroids and endometriosis, stress may negatively affect
>>hormonal balance and muscle tone, upsetting the estrogen and
>>progesterone balance and triggering excessive output of adrenal stress
>>hormones. This can impair the body's ability to limit the scarring and
>>inflammation caused by the endometrial implants. Growth in the size of
>>fibroid tumors is also seen during times of stress.
>>Stress in fibroid and endometriosis patients can arise over such issues
>>as job security and performance, money worries, relationship problems
>>with family and friends, overwork, and a host of other common problems.
>>In addition, women with fibroids and endometriosis have specific stress
>>due to the diseases themselves, including concerns about their health
>>and about the painful symptoms that are disrupting their lives and
>>well-being. The infertility that can result from fibroids and
>>endometriosis is a particularly upsetting problem for women who are
>>trying to start a family. The pain during intercourse that is also
>>common in women with endometriosis can disrupt a healthy sexual
>>relationship, causing anguish and discord.
>>A variety of stress management techniques can help women suffering from
>>fibroids and endometriosis. Some women find counseling or psychotherapy
>>to be effective, while others depend heavily on the support of family
>>and friends. Many women find it helpful to rethink their way of handling
>>stressful situations and to implement lifestyle changes. Practicing
>>stress reduction techniques like meditation and deep breathing exercises
>>on a regular basis also helps them handle stress more effectively, as
>>does a program of physical exercise. Whatever methods you decide to
>>practice, I urge you to look at your stress level carefully and make
>>every effort to handle emotionally charged issues as calmly as possible.
>>The stress management exercises described in this chapter are a very
>>important part of the fibroid and endometriosis self help program I
>>recommend to my patients. For many women, the intensity of menstrual
>>pain and cramps varies from month to month, depending on many lifestyle
>>factors. My patients frequently tell me their bleeding and cramps are
>>worse when they are more upset. As you begin to anticipate the onset of
>>your menstrual period, I recommend using stress reduction techniques on
>>a daily basis. They can really make a difference. If you break up the
>>tasks of the day with a few minutes of stress reducing exercises, you
>>will feel much more relaxed. With the use of these stress reduction
>>techniques, you can accomplish tasks on time but in a much more relaxed,
>>enjoyable, and health enhancing manner.
>>Tomorrow, I will post the second of this series on EXERCISES FOR
>>RELAXATION-so stay tuned. This series is very important for all of us as
>>it not only contains the means and forms of avoiding and overcoming
>>stress, but it guides to us many other means of peace and calm which you
>>will find in the succeeding parts of this series.  Now, while this
>>series, this article alludes to primarily women, the men should see this
>>in parallel as it is essential that the article simulates the stress
>>management in kind for men as well.
>>Take care and be stress free my friends. the second part will be posted
>>on MONday 9-7-98\
>>God Bless
>>marty auslander
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