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Re: [MOL]The Teacher!

Oh you learned all right. The ability to assess the situation and adapt to
it is a sign of real intelligence. Where is it written that everyone has to
learn the same way. I am an auditory learner so I learned the way to good
grades was to never skip class. If I listened to a lecture I would remember
the information even if I didn't have time (or inclination) to read it. I
wish I had taped the lectures. Maybe hearing them twice would made me a 4.0
student. I wasn't.
Liz P.

>Oh!   I am so sorry Liz, I gave you the wrong impression, I studied and
>but I never learned. ROFLOL!  I was dyslectic, that is why when Joicy sent the
>reading test, I did so well , reading backwards that is!   I had been going to
>grade school that was small; but somehow they got through to me; so my mother
>thought high school should be the best, I was an honor roll student at the
>The first report card in H.S. we were graded by the number of students in
>The teacher read out 1 and up went Susan, 2 and up went Paul and on and on and
>then she read 28 and up went Lillian.  Guess what?  That was the last numbered
>called and the whole class laughed.  I don't believe I laughed at that
>one; but I
>suffered through and made it through and even made it into College, where
>all of a
>sudden I started carring a 4.0 avg.  I had learned to tape my classes!.

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